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“Connecting now” is a platform which connects hoteliers (and other accommodation providers) directly with customers/guests. We do that which specially developed technology which enables to retrieve real-time rates and availability and on the other side tracks all traffic during the process.

By cutting out the middleman (a market which is dominated by OTAs (online travel agent, like Booking and Expedia) there is a direct customer relationship between hotel and customer. Meaning less costs are made not maintaining a customer service department, as bookings, cancellations, changes or complaints are handled by the parties  directly involved.

Hotels signing up to therefore pay less commissions as they are not paying for the customer service of a third party. commissions are max 10%, OTA’s usually charge a minimum of 15% (with some going up to 30/35%). Plus, there are other advantages for the hotelier: direct customer relationship means access to their data (which are rigorously held by OTA’s and franchise businesses) and control over brand image. Finally, hotels do not need to invest time, costs or expertise as the platform works with their existing distribution technology.

Customers connect directly with the hotel which not only includes a best rate guarantee (therefore no need to shop/surf around), but many other perks – like upgrades, room choice, free extras, etc, etc. Signed-in customers enjoy an extra 5% discount on the best available rate.

The platform also can be used by hotel marketing associations, wholesalers, discount/special offer sites etc. without booking engines/channel managers.



For investors offers a chance to enter the online travel market (a 567$B business, 2017, up 15.4%, which is expected to grow to 1,143,6$B in 2023) at a low investment fee. Leading OTA market share is 7.1$B (2016) and its net profit 2.4$B.

I am looking to raise €10,000 in an early investment round. With this amount we will develop an MVP – minimum viable product. With this website customers can search and compare accommodations, check rates and availability in real-time, and book direct.

For private investors:

  • with a minimum investment of €500 (up to the €10,000 needed) get an interest of 8% per year for a short term investment: 1 or 2 years

For booking engines, channel managers:

  • A chance to offer your clients a new channel to attract more direct bookings with the power of an OTA, but at lower costs – using your existing technology

For hotels:

  • a one-time registration fee of €140 for properties with 30 rooms or less, €240 for properties with 31 rooms or more
  • free listing on or for qualifying properties
  • no commission or other fees until integration with your booking engine
  • after integration 10% commission on confirmed bookings



With the working MVP I will start a crowdfunding campaign to raise further capital. This will also test the market for the product. If successful the platform will be fully unrolled.



Any questions? Contact me by using the “ask me anything” link. A full business plan is available.