revamp: W Boston

W Boston unveiled its redesigned welcome area and suites in late October. The design aims to honors the city’s history of rebellion and intellectualism and evoke the spirits of Edgar Allen Poe, the Massachusetts Militia and Boston rock bands of the ’70s and ’80s.

The design was done in partnership with Dawson Design Associates and Spanish artist Antonio Mora.

The suites, each featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, pay homage to the city’s music scene through pops of color reminiscent of stage costumes and musicians’ black leather jackets. In contrast to the edgy elements of the suites, tactile and cozy fabrics are found in pillows, throws and woven into the upholstery, a nod to 18th-century looms. Throw pillows inspired by the Boston Tea Party read, “What hath night to do with sleep?”, a nod to the W brand’s “go longer, stay later” slogan.

The Extreme WOW Suite is the largest, with custom furniture that includes a deconstructed Windsor chair and a chandelier reminiscent of timbers falling from a fire. The flooring is made of dark oak and walnut native to New England, offset by white walls. The glass is smoked, inspired by the first battle of the revolutionary war (it was smoke coming from the next town which led the militia to finally charge forth from their hilltop position in Concord).

This thread of smoke and fire continues throughout the suites, from faux-charred end tables and gold specs in the rugs and pillows, to surreal wall murals from Mora. Mora was commissioned to create murals for the suites based on the design inspiration of smoke, fire, and Poe’s The Raven. Mora describes himself as someone who makes cocktails using images found on blogs and in magazines, and fusing them together. His originality takes root in the fusion, and in finding combinations that leave an air of mystery.







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