Belgium’s largest hotel to reopen

The Brussels Sheraton had to close down after its bankruptcy in December 2016. Swedish-British investor Rolf Nordström paid a symbolic 1€ in 2009 for the massive 30-floor, 500 room hotel. But rising costs of upkeep of the 1972 building which has asbestos and the Brussels terror attacks of March 2016 put the Sheraton out of business. 200 people lost jobs.

The new German owner Primecity (who own over 50 hotels in Germany) had plans unveiled to the mayor of Sint-Joost-ten-Node, the Brussels municipality where the hotel is located. Plans call for a mix of rooms and studio apartments, plus retail space on the ground floor and a new restaurant on the 30th floor.

The Sint-Joost-ten-Node council has already granted permission for the renovation. The hotel will partly open from 2018.

The Rogier Hotel is named after the square where it is located. The Rogierplein is named after Charles Rogier (1800-1885), a Belgian politician and one of the founders of the Belgian state.

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