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Hoteliers: Attract traffic to your own website and generate more direct bookings into your own booking engine. Read more

Affiliates: Earn money by promoting our members’ official websites. Read more

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Affiliotel is an affiliation marketing agency specialized in the hospitality industry. We drive high quality traffic to our clients’ websites through our network of affiliates (also known as publishers). These affiliates publish lifestyle or travel websites, blogs and portals which they can use to promote Affiliotel members. As a hotelier you gain access to a whole new sales channel with potentially thousands of websites to which you can market your property direct. You pay a commission of 10% on bookings generated and consumed. PLUS you have all the advantages of direct bookings as explained in the dedicated hoteliers section.

Affiliotel is easy to implement. By installing a line of code into your website/booking engine we can track all traffic and bookings coming from our affiliate websites. It takes your IT person 10 minutes to have it up and running. Plus we handle all reporting and payments. Leaving you time to give your guests a memorable experience.

This is a hassle-free, low-cost and non-risk advertising model.