Attract traffic to your own website and generate more direct bookings into your own booking engine.

  • Become less dependent on the OTA’s*: sell (and upsell) direct
  • ONLY: pay commissions for generated sales on completed stays
  • ne-time implementation: NO software needed, NO link tracking, NO analytics, NO extranet, NO channel manager
  • List your property on the direct booking portal AND market your property through potentially thousands of affiliate websites, blogs and portals worldwide.


  • Benefit from the trend among consumers of preferring to book direct with a hotel and bypass the OTA’s. This direct contact maximizes your chances to convert them into buyers. Once on your site, visitors can browse all your pages, explore the totality of your offers and choose additional services bringing you additional income. If your booking engine has a possibility to give discounts, promotions, coupons or other agreed rates you can further expand the possibilities gaining more direct bookings through our platform.
  • Reach and engage new and existing guests in a measurable way. We use advanced tracking technology software to record when traffic generated by our affiliate sites results in bookings. No need for you to spend time and money tracking leads. We will provide you with simple report details leaving you time for giving your guests a memorable experience.
  • As customers book into your website’s booking engine, you “own” the guest relationship/traveller profile. For instance you can collect payment deposits and store all booking details in your own system. You can presell and live up to your clients’ expectations, as well perform after-sales to get feedback on your offerings.
  • We select only affiliates that meet our criteria: quality travel and lifestyle websites, blogs and portals, like and By signing up you will have access to our publisher database and you can actively connect with them.
  • There is no need to sign up (or pay!) for multiple regional or country-specific affiliate marketing agencies. You sign up once and don’t have to bother with country, region or language specifics.
  • Installation is super simple: just add a line of code to your current website, no surgery required. It takes your IT person 10 minutes to have it up and running. Affiliotel integrates easily with your existing booking engine and website.
  • We charge a below industry regular commission of 10% on each booking generated and consumed with you having the added benefits of direct bookings as mentioned.
  • Hotels are invoiced monthly for all stays completed during the month prior up to an agreed threshold. Our network supports a flexible range of payment models.


Currently Affiliotel is in the development phase. We aim to have Affiliotel ready and online by the end of 2018. Sign up now and support the direct booking revolution and we will give you a discount on the sign-up fee:

  • €95 i.s.o. €140 for properties with 50 rooms or less
  • €140 i.s.o. €245 for properties over 50 rooms (groups or chains may benefit from reductions, please inform)

You will be the first to be featured on when it gets live PLUS hotels who meet the criteria for and benefit from commission free listings until Affiliotel’s official launch!

Q & A

Q: How does it work?

A: Traffic coming from our affiliated websites are tracked by our software and can be viewed in your dashboard. By implementing a code into the directory of your booking engine we are able to track all bookings which too can be seen in your dashboard.

Q: Do I need to sign into an extranet?

A: No, not needed. You keep the availability on your website up-to-date as usual and no extra effort needs to be made.

Q: Do I need a channel manager?

A: We are not another online travel agent. By implementing a code into your booking engine (we take charge of that) there is not even need for a channel manager.

Q: Do you work with “direct booking boosters” such as TripTease, LiveRate, TheHotelsNetwork, etc?

A: Although we offer a different product, yes. Actually we encourage to use their tools – they will (also) increase direct bookings. You still need to be found on the internet -preferably not through the OTA’s- and that’s where we come in.