Connect-Hotel is a new hospitality concept connecting Millennial mindset travelers with the location they visit (city centre or interesting neighborhoods), with other travelers and locals (communal live&work space) and the world (free high-speed Wi-Fi).


Check-in can be done with the Connect-Hotel app (which doubles as a city guide and connects with other travelers) or at the check-in terminal in the live&work space (see below). The traditional front desk is eliminated and replaced by a “How can I help” C-Ambassador stand.

The C-Ambassador

Front-of-the-house staff, known as C-Ambassadors, are on hand to help guests check in, serve drinks and snacks and help with questions guests have regarding the hotel or the location.


Connect-Hotel locations are located in three distinctive areas: city centre locations, ‘hoods’: trendy and up-and-coming neighborhoods and ‘hubs’: transport centers like train and metro stations and airports.


Rooms are only standardized in size to avoid confusion with multiple room options and do not have any names: there are XS (extra small, like a single shoebox sized rooms – see example below) to loft-like space XXL rooms (main photo). Depending on the property some room categories may not be available.


Standard room facilities always include free high-speed Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, a rain shower with luxury brand toiletries and top-of-the line mattresses and linens.

Depending on the size of the room or location extras could include air conditioning, work desks, (laptop-sized) safes, tubs in bathrooms or kitchenettes.



Heart of the hotel

Heart of the hotel is the live&work room, a multi-use reception/lounge/co-working/eat&drink/meeting space. Traditional hotels often offer an under-used breakfast room, restaurant or meeting rooms, which are only used during certain hours of the day. These spaces are taken over by the live&work room concept which guests can use 24-hours to mingle and/or work. Free high-speed Wi-Fi and plenty of sockets are available. Drinks, snacks and breakfast are available 24/7. This also eliminates the use of a in-room minibars or floor vending machines.

Extra advantage is that the live&work room can also be used by locals, adding extra income to previously underused space and connecting guests with locals.

Photo Credit: Design Helm, Los Angeles
Photo Credit: Design Helm, Los Angeles