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Advertise your hotel, guesthouse, b&b or holiday rental on my websites charmhotelsweb or DNA Hotels, this blog, and social media.

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As we are an online company our overhead costs are low, offering you a hassle-free and low-cost option.

We offer two advertising models:

  • properties with online booking engines

For hotels that have an online booking engine in place on their website we offer a commission based (10% on bookings generated and consumed) listing with that drives direct bookings to your own website without the use of OTA’s like and Expedia.

The direct booking platform works by integrating with your online booking engine or channel manager. This is something we will do for you – no IT requirements on your side. You don’t need to do anything else as you are used to do updating your distribution channel – the only thing you need to do is sign up

How it works:

A registration fee is charged:

  • €140 for hotels with 29 rooms or less
  • €195 for hotels with between 30 and 49 rooms
  • €250 for hotels with between 50 and 99 rooms
  • €350 for hotels with 100 rooms or more

This fee is placed in a threshold. When your hotel is integrated with our platform we won’t charge commissions until the threshold has been met. What you pay is an investment in an alternative to the high charging % OTA’s. An investment with a direct return!

PLUS: As we are currently developing the platform (with a launch foreseen at the end of 2018) there are NO commissions at all until integration with your booking engine or channel manager.

As soon as the platform launches you will also be able to sign-up for the website, a general booking website. It is going to be similar to’s website with one BIG difference: all bookings are made direct. No middle man, direct customer relationship and maximum 10% commission!

  • properties without an online booking engine on their website

For properties who do not have an online booking engine in place on their website we offer our business listing. For a fixed fee per year (the same as the registration fees above) you will get a full listing which includes all costs, including commissions. Simple and straightforward.


After we receive your sign-up we start working on your profile. We need your official company name, company address and if you are located in the EU your VAT number. After your final OK on the profile and payment of the first invoice you will be fully online and we’ll start promoting you on our social media.