What is is an online booking service for websites, blogs, portals and social media profiles that promote hotels and other (short stay) accommodations but do not have their own online booking engine. With visitors can view rates and availability without clicking through. They are shown the best rate of the accommodation’s own website. When deciding to book they are being directed to the hotel’s own booking engine, enjoying the perks of booking direct. Affiliates can choose to offer this service free-of-charge to their members (with a 5% charge for or earn a commission on bookings generated and consumed (also 5%, so the accommodation pays 10% total). offers the best of both worlds: niche marketing with the easiness of booking through major sites

Compared to the mass (and therefore costly) marketing techniques of the OTAs, niche sites and social media do a better (and less costly) job to promote their members portraying their uniqueness in a far better way than the generic, one size fits all, approach of the OTAs. However, what these niche sites lack is an easy way to book these promoted accommodations. Usually the only possibility offered is a text link or button directing to the accommodation’s website. Today’s customer is used to the easy booking process, not only of the OTAs, but ordering online in general and expects that from smaller websites too. As this is not offered by these sites, customers are lost. Those who do take the extra step to check rates and availability on the property’s website could be frustrated to find out there is no availability or the price range out of reach, leaving the site all together. provides affiliates with an adjustable widget to place on their members or promoted pages so customers can, without leaving the page, check rates and availability as they are used to with the OTA sites. If the customer decides to book, he or she is being diverted directly to the hotel’s own booking engine -and enjoying all perks of booking direct. If not, customers can continue to browse the affiliates pages keeping them “onboard”. In case of no availability, affiliates can also opt to show alternatives. No flickering “last room available on this site” or “XX people looking at this hotel now”.

If a widget can’t be placed then a text or photo link can be generated and inserted. All links and widgets are being tracked with an individual dashboard available to check clicks, impressions and commissions.

If the accommodation does not have a booking engine online, we can refer to our partner PMS and channel manager system, rated one of the best in the industry at very competitive rates, especially for small properties.

Fairness started as an industry disruptive initiative to offer smaller and individual properties the possibility to compete with larger and branded properties and at the same time become less dependent on the OTAs. By charging a commission below OTA rates and by working direct (no shifting money around) our platform is beneficial to both customer and accommodation provider.

Easy to use

As accommodations keep working as they are used to with their PMS or channel manager (no allocations), is a hassle-free solution. There are no implementations and no software updates. Also, no specific revenue management or technology background is needed.

Become a member

At the moment membership is open if you want to be part of DNA Hotels. We are also actively looking to connect with quality marketing co-ops, websites, blogs, portals and (social media) influencers. Let’s talk!